Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Butler Did It - My Curious Friendship with a Serial Killer

I've just posted the opening chapter on my web site. Please feel free to comment.


richard said...

Hi Paul.
I belong to Glasgow too. I'm currently living in Yorkshire not far from a leafy english lane near York. My Name is Richard Jesse. My brother was Bill Jesse. He wrote Riff-Raff, filmed in 1990. He also died in 1990. He was also to do something with David Miller (I think) from BBC Scotland. Bill was also a friend of Robbie Coltrane and Billy Connoly.

Anyway thats just to say who I am. (If I can be sure who I am)

I've been reading the opening chapter of The Butler did it. I liked it very much. I will get the book. Will I get it cheaper 'cos I've read a bit already:)

I'll buy the book if you need the money. If no I'll get it frae the library.

I hope you blog more often. I've never blogged before, but I will if you will, so will I.

see ya Paul.


art moon said...

Hi Paul!

I just read the opening chapter to your forthcoming book and...I can't wait to read the rest! It really promises to be an incredible and gripping story. I hope the book is available soon and know that you have an avid reader (impatiently) awaiting it.


paulthepen said...

Thanks, Richard for taking the time to read the chapter. I met your brother Bill when I was at the BBC and was enormously impressed by his talent and resilience as a writer. Riff-Raff remains one of Ken Loach's best films.
It's such a pity Bill wasn't around longer to give us so much more.

paulthepen said...

Dear Mr. Moon,
Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you didn't say, 'yes, but is it Art?'

Anonymous said...

Great opening chapter.
Where can we see the rest? Is it on sale yet?

cheers Mark Stratford

paulthepen said...

Glad you liked it. I will post a few more chapters soon. It should be on sale in 2011.

Nigel Curtis said...

Great desciption of your early life in the Long Gallery. Toast was a major meal I recall.

You never gave up the search for the cli*oris and the Holy Grail !!


Anonymous said...

great description of your early life in the 'Long Gallery' of Dennington Pk Rd, where toast was a major meal.

I guess you never gave up for the search of the Clit*ris and the Holy Grail !!!


paulthepen said...


Thanks for your kind words. Congrats on Downton Abbey. Your big ep was the emotional highlight of the season! Hope you and the family are well. Keep in touch! Paul